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About the Chef

Wanda "Gigi" Mayes, Owner & Chef

Wanda Mayes (whose family nickname Gigi is the restaurant's namesake) is the visionary behind Gigi's Latin Bistro. Wanda is a self-taught chef, who specializes in Puerto Rican and Latin cuisine. Her vision to create a restaurant that would bring people together is the culmination of her humble upbringing, family values, and a celebration of her Puerto Rican culture. 

The most prominent lessons that she received from cooking with her mother as a young girl, was the careful attention to detail in preparing every meal and learning the true dedication that goes into every Puerto Rican dish. With 30+ years of experience in the restaurant industry, she has a well-established reputation for cooking favorable dishes made with love and providing high-quality hospitality. ​

Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, Wanda currently resides in Rahway, New Jersey with her husband and is a proud mother of three.

Come enjoy our delightful menu, hand-crafted by Gigi. 

About the Chef: About the Chef
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